Process Agility Can Enable Enterprise Agility

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In today's market, BPM is generating so much attention because as a platform for business optimization, it holds so much promise. To deliver on this promise and really be effective, many issues should be considered. If the proper BPM platform is implemented in the right way, BPM can be the primary enabler for process agility and enterprise agility. In this session Brian will explore how and why BPM can deliver on this when so many other technologies have fallen well short. Brian will explain the quickest way to derive the most value to the business and how to convince your organization that BPM is not just another so called “killer app”. We will also address what is meant by and how to achieve:

  • process agility
  •  process optimization
  • enterprise integration
  • process and business metrics visibility
  •  balance scorecard
  • BPM enabled Six Sigma
  • continuous improvement in a ‘rapid evolutionary way’ rather than a disruptive revolutionary way

Throughout the presentation Brian will weave in some real world examples and success stories.


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