Opening Keynote: Enabling Change and Unleashing Great Performance for BPM Efforts

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To survive and gain a sustainable competitive advantage, your organization must be nimble and agile to respond to market changes. This drives efforts to decentralize, improve processes and redefine decision-making power. It calls for erasing boundaries and creating seamless and collaborative work environments. Process improvement efforts designed to give organizations this kind of speed are great – however, organizations can’t go fast if their employees go slow. Managing change successfully is the key to eliminating resistance, enabling employees and unleashing the great performance intended. Companies with the edge are consistently and proactively planning for enabling change, adopting a systematic approach, and providing the tools and environment for their employees to be successful. The audience will come away with specific ideas for assessing organizational readiness, developing and communicating a vision for change, increasing urgency in their organization and much more to increase successful adoption for their BPM efforts.

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