Customer Focused Process Innovation: Linking Strategic Intent to Everyday Execution

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For any organization to prosper, its leadership must drive bottom line results, expand the product offerings, and identify opportunities to better strategically position the organization. But all too often they look to trendy business practices or copy the competition. They don’t know the answers to basic questions: How do things really work and fit together in this organization? What does the customer really want from us? Who really does what and where do I fit in? How can I move the ball forward? Without these answers, the organization’s innovation capabilities are limited.

Enter, business innovation expert David Hamme. In his book, CUSTOMER FOCUSED PROCESS INNOVATION, Hamme provides the framework to transform organizations into Process Focused Enterprises—ones in which organizational silos, command-and-control management, guesswork, and information inadequacies cease to exist.

With more than 20 years of hands-on experience, Hamme’s holistic approach uses process improvement as the language of change. When these concepts are employed in an organization, it becomes possible to systematize innovation by defining operational capabilities in process terms and then specifically adjusting them to produce even greater value in the future.  

“When designed, managed, and utilized correctly, business processes are the foundational framework for innovation and org charts and other outdated business practices become obsolete,” says Hamme. “With a process focus, people are assigned ownership of components of the value creation processes and directed to drive coordinated changes to the overall network of value creation processes. This approach results in a much cleaner and efficient innovation process.” 

CUSTOMER FOCUSED PROCESS INNOVATION provides everything you need to revamp your processes to innovate, grow, and outpace the competition.

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