Live Online Program


Certificate Program

Seven professional certificates:

    Agile Business Analysis
    Business Architecture
    Digital Business Professional
    Business Process Management
    Operational Excellence Associate
    Operational Excellence Professional
    Digital Decisioning and Analytics

The OpEx and Agile certificates are four course certificates. All other certificates have four core courses and four certificate-specific courses. You begin with the core courses and then take the more advanced courses related to that certificate. Learn more about Certificates here.

Certificate Packages

Packages include four or eight course credits bundled with two years professional membership. Choose a package based on how you prefer to take courses:

  • On Demand Package – on demand courses only
  • eLearning Package – on demand and instructor-led live online courses
  • Blended Learning Package – four Face-to-Face courses and four on demand/live online courses
  • Face-to-Face Package – take courses any way you wish – on demand, live online or Face-to-Face

Live Online Availability

Our Live Online schedule is designed on a quarter-like system so that the courses occur three times each year in the order you should take them:

  • Spring – starting March 13
  • Summer – starting May 15
  • Fall – starting September 5

Core courses are available at the beginning of the quarter and the advanced certificate courses are available later in the quarter.

Missed a Start Date?

If you are registering during the middle of one of the quarters, all you need to do it take the courses you missed via on demand then resume with instructor-led live online courses once you catch up. The eLearning Certificate Package allows you to leverage both live online and on demand courses.

Getting Started

Now that you understand our program and live online schedule, let’s get started.

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