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Ankit Tara
posted 5 years 13 weeks ago

I agree with all of the

I agree with all of the points you make and with the culture point that Aleksy makes. I have worked with several companies trying to make improvements to their strategic processes. On the whole it has worked but you do hit the occasional organisation where the link from executive management to the shop floor is virtually non-existent. This makes it very difficult to build a strategic management process at all. The guys at the top think it is easy and bypass many implementation steps and the guys on the shop floor think it is irrelevant and do not consider the big-picture. I have found the single most important tool we have to tackle this is a Strategy Map. Of late I have been thinking more in terms of an Integrated Strategy Map which, on a single page, describes the links from the top, through the middle and to the bottom of the organisation. For more information take a look at my recent blog entry:


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