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Ankit Tara
posted 4 years 37 weeks ago

Excellent article, especially

Excellent article, especially where it touches the often overlooked impacts of organizational culture. But like so many writings on that topic (ref: Edgar Shein, "Organizational Culture"), it seems to stop short of practical examples or cases on how to apply it. Your "7 self-examination questions that must be answered about culture"- how about some words on how to apply the answers? Is there a strategy to deal with all possible 7 answers, or are there cases so incredibly dysfunctional that you're wasting your time even reading the rest of this article? I'm being a bit cheeky, but just trying to go a little deeper on an excellent point. What are examples of "cultural challenges conflicting with organizational priorities", and how would one deal with them? Thanks for a very thought provoking article. The single most important topic I am experiencing in 35 years in industry.


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