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Ankit Tara
posted 6 years 40 weeks ago

Interesting article. The

Interesting article. The solution here, though, at least in my mind, lies somewhere between the poles the author creates. In days past, when I worked with numbers of teams, I always started from the same perspective with them--develop into a real TEAM, if you want to achieve success. That means you understand you have something to offer the larger group, and you are willing to do that, lead when necessary, and assist when that it the appropriate thing to do. Otherwise, you are a GROUP, which has been put together to complete a task, but it will be much harder to do if you persist in the feeling that each of you have something unique to do, and not really a part of a larger group. Whether teams created are large (i.e. single team for project), or in a more agile mode with smaller groups with specific 'chunks' of the action, there still has to be the sense of 'team' to achieve an integrated end game. That does not happen well when the PM or yet another group assumes the integration role. They only know what you tell them about what you have been doing. Instead, put together the 'team' you describe with individuals from the disciplines, and have them work in turn with smaller teams, and report on progress to the larger team.


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