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Andrew Login
posted 7 years 48 weeks ago

"Does BPM (in any format)

"Does BPM (in any format) actually work ... because I don't see any conclusive evidence and even fewer business people who seem to care"? I have been wondering if the industry was built on research organisations' hype, consulting sell, growing software & training markets, etc, and that the lack of success should not be a surprise.
Your opening few paragraphs struck all these notes, and articulated a few of issues (e.g. foreign / abstract concepts, not prioritised by business) and principles (e.g. dual-dimensional view of governance) I have been wrestling with for some time.
A "sustainable process culture" has been the goal, with the time requirement being the obstacle. Faster employee turnover, lack of perseverance, and the need for business agility are only three of the factors working against this slower change process. So, I’d support the longer term education and a bottom-up approach (though the practical application will be a challenge for smaller organisations).
I’d add that some first-dimension governance elements should also be introduced, as a ‘road test’ of the supporting governance, a platform for education approaches, a tangible activity for the governance structure to define itself around, proof of concept and success, etc. Measuring, reviewing, and responding to a core process' metrics might be a nice first target.
Thank you for a very relevant article.


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