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Ankit Tara
posted 5 years 31 weeks ago

Below are my comments on why

Below are my comments on why to have a central repository/tool to manage process documentation: 1. Governance on the process documentation method and quality of process design
a. Keeping up-to-date as-is process documentation makes it easier to re-engineer and improve processes
b. Maintain same format of the processes across different LoBs makes it easier to review, change, and improve (if and when needed) 2. Having central process repository across the org provides below benefits:
a. Performing impact analysis on business processes and services in efficient and automated manner
b. When identifying KPIs and activity based attributes you can easily manage/watch process performance
c. Having central repository of process and having expertise managing it will enforce standards and guidelines on process design
d. Will ensure all redundancy and duplication and shared processes can be identified across the entire organization
e. Applying access control on process designer will prevent unauthorized changes on the process baseline


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