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Local, state, and federal agencies are all subjected to varying degrees of pressure to improve upon the delivery of government services. The need to handle bigger workloads with fewer people, coupled with rapidly rising expectations for electronic access to government services, are having the combined effect of pressing government agencies to the forefront of technological innovation in the 21st century. Better services are constantly being demanded everywhere, and those services are expected to be delivered at lower costs to taxpayers.

Our goal is to provide valuable insights which will lead to successful initiatives within the government sector.

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Rule Driven Project Tailoring at the IRS: A Case Study Automating the Center of Excellence with Rule Technology

How do you provide mass-customization of knowledge dissemination? The Internal Revenue Service, needing to provide fit-to-purpose yet consistent requirements engineering guidance to a large project portfolio, applied their methods to their own process, modeling it and developing a set of objective rules for guiding project application based on project characteristics. Result: A rule technology-based, self-service application for projects seeking assistance; far greater reach and consistency of guidance; and improvement of the methodology itself through the rigor applied. This pr

Relating Enterprise Strategy to Business Outcomes

Three Fundamental Prerequisites for Transforming Your Government Enterprise

Improving Process Capability across the Enterprise with Enterprise SPICE

Without Metrics, Process Improvement Can Be Hazardous to Your Business Health

Case Study: Ontology for Segment Data Architecture: E-Rulemaking

Segment Architecture is now the focus of the Federal Enterprise Architecture work and EPA is developing a data architecture for both its EA and its Segments. Since we already have the Federal Enterprise Architecture Reference Model Ontology (FEARMO) and collaboration and innovation within and across Segments will be crucial to reduce the chaos and contention that arises from cross-program initiatives like Segments, we are developing an Ontology for Segment Data Architecture using a Community of Practice approach.

Case Study: Integrated Portfolio Management

IPM is a target architecture project at GSA with the intent to better integrate strategic planning, budget planning, enterprise architecture, capital planning, and the solution development lifecycle. This session will explore the use of BPMN models, describe the IPM concept of operations across GSA stakeholders and governance bodies as a convergence of management workflows, and discuss the opportunity to realize IPM using SOA and BPM strategies and tactics.

Case Study: Architecting a Segment Across Geographic Locations

Case Study: Architecting a Segment Across Geographic Locations

Many organizations have headquarters and field offices. Distance and separate management structures can make forming a cohesive architecture difficult. The challenge grows when the complexity and size of the organization require a segmented architecture. Our approach addresses this challenge. Segment and Regional Architects examine intersections of shared systems and/or business processes between field offices and headquarters for a segment, and the redundancies each sees from their perspective, while looking for opportunities to leverage enterprise-wide solutions.

Case Study: Building Records Management into Business Processes

Presentation will focus on NARA's Federal Enterprise Architecture Records Management Profile and how the methodology described in that document helps agencies address records management more effectively by embedding RM requirements into business processes such as capital planning, system development, and business process (re)design. Presentation will also include a discussion of specific tools and checklists designed to facilitate the implementation of the RM Profile.

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