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Local, state, and federal agencies are all subjected to varying degrees of pressure to improve upon the delivery of government services. The need to handle bigger workloads with fewer people, coupled with rapidly rising expectations for electronic access to government services, are having the combined effect of pressing government agencies to the forefront of technological innovation in the 21st century. Better services are constantly being demanded everywhere, and those services are expected to be delivered at lower costs to taxpayers.

Our goal is to provide valuable insights which will lead to successful initiatives within the government sector.

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The Strange Case of the People vs. Business Decision Management

Why Process Sounds Stupid

Modeling a Net-Centric Department of Defense (DoD) Enterprise using BPMN 2.0

The Service Oriented Architecture Enterprise Architecture Framework (SOA~EAF)

The Strategic Promise of SOA to Supply Chain Management

Enterprise Architecture Works Best as a Roadmap - Not a Blueprint

Open Government and the Role of BPM

How Does A Business Determine The Role Of The Cloud In Today’s Business Strategies And Ever Changing Operating Models?

As businesses transform and change to meet the ever changing demand to remain competitive, what role does the Cloud have in the new operating models?  Using a Business Architecture Framework enables organizations to identify which capabilities will benefit from Cloud strategies and which capabilities can be differentiated through internal technology development. 

BPM In Action

Participants will learn, how BPM solutions are architected, what are the key requirements to keep in mind for an enterprise class BPMS. They will see a detailed demo on how the process based applications are modeled, deployed and improved.

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