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Local, state, and federal agencies are all subjected to varying degrees of pressure to improve upon the delivery of government services. The need to handle bigger workloads with fewer people, coupled with rapidly rising expectations for electronic access to government services, are having the combined effect of pressing government agencies to the forefront of technological innovation in the 21st century. Better services are constantly being demanded everywhere, and those services are expected to be delivered at lower costs to taxpayers.

Our goal is to provide valuable insights which will lead to successful initiatives within the government sector.

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Process Powered E-Gov: Does Your Government Agency Grok Process?

The 21st century mandate for business is Do More With Less. The 21st century imperative for business is Business Process Management (BPM). The 21st century mandate for government  is Do More With Less. The 21st century imperative for government is Government Process Management (GPM). E-Gov does not mean putting scores of government forms on the Internet. It is about using technology to its fullest to provide services, and that’s where process-powered E-Gov comes in. In this keynote you’ll learn who invented the Internet—and the paper clip—as we explore how today’s constituents demand “my government, on my terms,” and how agencies can support citizen-centered, customer-focused government.

BPM for Compliance to Reduce Risk, Time, and Cost

Most organizations have now had a taste of what's involved in complying with regulatory mandates, whether for HIPAA or for SOX section 404, and they are realizing a better, more cost effective way of managing these initiatives is needed. Learn how companies can implement a compliance management approach that:

Continuous Business Process Management

In today's global economy, the pressure to deliver short-term business results is intense. The key to producing these performance results lies in your enterprise processes. Organizations must continuously manage and optimize their internal and external business processes to deliver targeted results in real time. Emerging as the next-generation of business process management (BPM) technology, BPM suites are specifically suited to enable continuous BPM and facilitate organizational agility.

The Compliance Journey - Balancing Risk and Controls with Business Improvement

Compliance with government regulations has forced organizations to look at their businesses in a new light. Leaders are beginning to leverage their compliance efforts in order to drive concurrent business improvements. These improvements may not only help a business perform better, but may also fundamentally reinforce the primary purpose of regulatory mandates – improved transparency into business management along with bolstered investor & market confidence. This presentation will explore the dual focus that is required in today’s marketplace.

Case Study: The Fast Track: From Buried Business Rules to Managed Business Rules (RMM Level 0 to 2 in a year)

Time: 2:45 PM 6-28-2005 This case study relates how NYSLRS progressed from Rules Maturity Model Level 0 to Level 2 in under a year by using a low cost/low risk methodology that allows for the incremental implemented of business rules in legacy systems. This approach, User-defined Function Approach, allows a company to convert legacy systems into modern agile systems or to investigate the use business rules before selecting a Business Rule Processing solution. IBM has endorsed UDFA as a best practice for business rule implementation.

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