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Local, state, and federal agencies are all subjected to varying degrees of pressure to improve upon the delivery of government services. The need to handle bigger workloads with fewer people, coupled with rapidly rising expectations for electronic access to government services, are having the combined effect of pressing government agencies to the forefront of technological innovation in the 21st century. Better services are constantly being demanded everywhere, and those services are expected to be delivered at lower costs to taxpayers.

Our goal is to provide valuable insights which will lead to successful initiatives within the government sector.

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Barriers to Process Redesign

The Compliance Journey - Balancing Risk and Controls with Business Improvement

Doing Business Architecture

Process Management Approach Leads to Competitive Government

The Marriage of Performance and Data Governance

Everybody understands the need for performance management to ensure their initiative sustainability but few walk the talk. The key to successful performance monitoring lie in the tie between your process governance and your data governance. Clear processes are needed to ensure the capture of the data needed to provide the desired business intelligence. Often these processes are in addition to the process already under review. As performance management is your strongest change management allies it is important for whoever care about sustainability to ensure that this get done properly. In this presentation you will learn a simple approach to ensure that your process work is in sync with your data work and hopefully increase your chance to deliver a project with clear and manageable metrics.

Reengineering State Government – Rhode Island Case Study

Discussion of the State of Rhode Island’s Fiscal Fitness Reengineering effort. Topics would include:
  • Current challenges facing the State
  • Fiscal Fitness Program, mission, goals and objectives
  • Methodology Used
  • Project Organization
  • Results to Date
  • Lessons Learned
  • Open discussion
  • Process Powered E-Gov: Does Your Agency Grok Process

    Case Study: Improve Business Performance with BPM

    Profiting from Compliance with SmartBPM

    Taking a business process management approach to compliance provides the tools to comply with government standards, and also provides the infrastructure you need to better execute the key processes that power your business. Only an approach that fully fuses business rules with business processes can deliver true compliance. This white paper discusses the use of BPM to address compliance mandates such as Sarbanes-Oxley – enabling organizations to close the gap between mission and execution, and continually transform the way they do business.

    Proven Steps to BPM Success

    As more and more vendors enter the market and try to stake a claim to the BPM opportunity, a few leaders have emerged to create a new era of business process management – an era defined by solutions that combine flexibility with a full spectrum of process capabilities. An era defined by vendors partnering with thought-leading business and government organizations to look at processes in terms of their ability to drive organizational growth. The era of “breakaway BPM”. In this Webinar, David Holliday, CTO for Advanced Management Technology, Inc.

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