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As businesses turn digital and ecosystems become increasingly open, the nature of integration is changing. SOA helped us connect IT transactions and systems within a controlled environment. APIs will help us turn legacy into advantage, exposing assets to be consumed by innovators outside your own team. The transformative power of APIs will last twice as long and have many times the impact of the web. Whether you goal is to drive innovation, become a mobile business, or navigate a hybrid cloud, APIs are part and parcel of your strategy.

In principle, the acronym API stands for Application Programming Interfaces, but the notion of what API means has evolved significantly. APIs today are quite different from the application programming interfaces of old, and the transition from SOA to API centric systems is a very natural one. Enterprises that embark on this journey will continue to leverage the engineering practices embraced by SOA, but will extend their ecosystem in new ways through APIs. Experiencing the power of APIs involves much more than simply data monetization. The power of APIs can be successfully applied to business challenges ranging from changing business models to embracing a world of devices and sensors.

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Please join us to hear a future perspective on BPM from Ken Vollmer of Forrester Research and how “You Can’t Implement BPM with BPM” from Ross Altman, CTO of SeeBeyond. Ken Vollmer of Forrester will provide his perspective on the future of BPM. In this session, Ken will address the need to combine a structured, systematic methodology for BPM implementation with a Service Oriented Architecture. Please join us to hear a future perspective on BPM from Ken Vollmer of Forrester Research and how “You Can’t Implement BPM with BPM” from Ross Altman, CTO of SeeBeyond.

Lessons Learned: SOA: All or Nothing

There is currently a disconnect between Enterprise Information Integration (EII) and Business Intelligence (BI) technologies. EII has been identified as a solution for aggregation of stove-piped data, such as creating a single view of customer data that is spread across multiple databases and applications, while BI focuses on analysis of large volumes of data across many dimensions. These two solutions are natural complements, but not without some additional work.

Oracle Builds Comprehensive SOA Platform

Through the recent evolution of BPM around the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) standard, a comprehensive SOA platform has become a key requirement for implementing standards-based BPM. SOA empowers a business environment with a flexible IT infrastructure and reusable business and systems services for deploying processes. This white paper from IDC covers the requirements for building a comprehensive SOA platform including BPEL, service development, integration, management, and security.

Case Study: Service Based Process Architecture

Case Study of the key principles of a Business Service Function(BSF) Architecture; How the Proact Methodology, developed by Art Casten, is used within Motorola for system architecture and how it has been extended to provide unified and integrated views of service flow scenarios, processes, events, information, systems and data—carrying service orientation down through process systems. Explanation of how to reverse-engineer existing processes into a BSF architecture for integration and complexity reduction analysis.

Lessons Learned: Service Oriented Architecture: All Or Nothing

The number one question from individuals exploring using Web Services and designing a Service-Oriented Architecture is, “how much is right for me?” This question drills right down to the core decisions that need to be made around going toward SOA, such as what platform? What tools should I use? What benefit will I receive? This session will look at the key issues for investing in an SOA and Web Services and provide approaches toward pragmatic adoption.

Implementing a Process Driven Architecture

Almost every firm licenses a fair amount of package software. While these products are great for improving productivity, they don't always create new competitive advantage. It would be illogical to expect a standardized solution to deliver unique, marketplace advantages to its users. Business process innovation offers the means for strategic and competitive advantage particularly when BPM, EA and composite applications are part of the solution. What do you need to do to orient your firm for greater market success? Find out where business process innovation drives market success

Blueprint of a Service-Oriented Architecture

For those assessing Service-Oriented Architectures as a direction for their company, this Webinar is the perfect opportunity to gain an insight into what skills, knowledge and investment is required to develop an enterprise quality SOA. The SOA Blueprint is a model for analyzing your company’s readiness for developing service-based software. SOA is more than just Web Services, the Blueprint investigates areas of supporting readiness, such as security, governance, policy creation and management, network architecture, etc.

Case Study: Utilizing Web Services to Implement a Web Based Global Financial Gateway

As the world's leading IT solution provider, HP needed a cost-effective solution for allowing customers to pay for services and solutions online. To address this need, HP created a web-based Global Financial Gateway that is utilized by both customers and internal HP employees. The Financial Gateway allows HP to validate/assign credit to customers, enables customers to choose between several payment methodologies and screens for fraud on payment authorizations. The Financial Gateway was built using .Net technology and is integrated into HP's eBusiness infrastructure via web services.

The Migration Path to Services Oriented Architecture

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