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As businesses turn digital and ecosystems become increasingly open, the nature of integration is changing. SOA helped us connect IT transactions and systems within a controlled environment. APIs will help us turn legacy into advantage, exposing assets to be consumed by innovators outside your own team. The transformative power of APIs will last twice as long and have many times the impact of the web. Whether you goal is to drive innovation, become a mobile business, or navigate a hybrid cloud, APIs are part and parcel of your strategy.

In principle, the acronym API stands for Application Programming Interfaces, but the notion of what API means has evolved significantly. APIs today are quite different from the application programming interfaces of old, and the transition from SOA to API centric systems is a very natural one. Enterprises that embark on this journey will continue to leverage the engineering practices embraced by SOA, but will extend their ecosystem in new ways through APIs. Experiencing the power of APIs involves much more than simply data monetization. The power of APIs can be successfully applied to business challenges ranging from changing business models to embracing a world of devices and sensors.

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Changing - A Core Business Competency

Putting Business Information Architecture to Work

Can SharePoint 2007 be my Enterprise Business Process Management (BPM) Solution?

Continuous Improvement with BPM and Enterprise Architecture Together

Today's global environment requires businesses to work smarter and to improve the coordination between planning and execution to continuously improve business processes and optimize costs. While Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Architecture (EA) each have value on their own, they are also naturally synergistic, and together provide better business outcomes and strategic alignment of business and IT. When done together, BPM provides the business context, understanding and metrics, and EA provides the discipline for translating business vision and strategy into architectural change. Only when supported by appropriate collaboration and governance processes can BPM and EA roles work effectively together towards the common goals of the enterprise.

The Strategic Promise of SOA to Supply Chain Management

Monitoring SOA End to End

Cloud BPM Workshop - How to Design & Deploy Business Process Applications in the Cloud

Organizations are constantly being pushed to create leaner organizations while maintaining productivity and profitability.To address this situation, Fujitsu is now offering complete process lifecycle management via the Cloud.Join us for a demonstration and discussion around how to quickly build business process applications in the Cloud with the Interstage Cloud BPM offering. During this session, we will walk you through:1. Getting started by creating your own secure space on the platform

Complete BPM in the Cloud

The Fujitsu provides organizations with secure Internet access to the world-class Fujitsu Interstage(r) Business Process Management (BPM) platform - without needing to install or maintain hardware, software, or network infrastructure.

Is SOA really a failure?

What role should SaaS play in your BPM strategy?

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