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As businesses turn digital and ecosystems become increasingly open, the nature of integration is changing. SOA helped us connect IT transactions and systems within a controlled environment. APIs will help us turn legacy into advantage, exposing assets to be consumed by innovators outside your own team. The transformative power of APIs will last twice as long and have many times the impact of the web. Whether you goal is to drive innovation, become a mobile business, or navigate a hybrid cloud, APIs are part and parcel of your strategy.

In principle, the acronym API stands for Application Programming Interfaces, but the notion of what API means has evolved significantly. APIs today are quite different from the application programming interfaces of old, and the transition from SOA to API centric systems is a very natural one. Enterprises that embark on this journey will continue to leverage the engineering practices embraced by SOA, but will extend their ecosystem in new ways through APIs. Experiencing the power of APIs involves much more than simply data monetization. The power of APIs can be successfully applied to business challenges ranging from changing business models to embracing a world of devices and sensors.

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Modeling a Net-Centric Department of Defense (DoD) Enterprise using BPMN 2.0

Making Financial Services More Responsive

This webinar will discuss how to make your financial service organization more responsive to customers, opportunities and threats through event-driven processes in business process management (BPM). This will include the importance and meaning of events relative to a business process and the links between BPM and complex event process (CEP).

The Service Oriented Architecture Enterprise Architecture Framework (SOA~EAF)

Opening Keynote: How Cloud Computing Will Change Business Process Management

As cloud computing becomes more and more mainstream BPM systems will be offered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model as well as being delivered in on-premise service appliances behind the firewall. Mr. Barlow will explore these topics and provide a glimpse into one of the next significant new business technologies to be delivered “in the cloud.”

4 Keys to Unlocking Operational Performance

SOA and Service Management

Being Intelligent with SOA: Using SOA to Lay the Foundation of your Business Intelligence (BI) Initiatives

Decision Matrix: Selecting a Business Process Management Vendor (Competitor Focus)

Read the analyst report “Decision Matrix: Selecting a Business Process Management Vendor”, and learn why Progress Savvion made the short list of BPM vendors.

Business process management (BPM) software solutions – often called "suites" – are one of the hottest areas in BPM, but choosing the right BPM solution for your organization may be a daunting task. Ovum, an industry analyst firm, recently conducted a research project that measures BPM vendors across three critera: market impact, end-user sentiment and technology offering.

Addressing Case Management Challenges with BPM

How can we improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and improve agent efficiency by using customer centric case management? We know that there is a much higher cost to acquire a new customer than getting repeat business from them. What can we do make sure we are managing customer interactions well so that customer get their issues resolved quickly and bring repeat business?

Actionable Business Architecture

Interviews from over a thousand CEOs in 2008 shows organizations are bombarded by change, and many are struggling to keep up1. CEOs view increasingly demanding customers not as a threat, but as an opportunity to differentiate. They are moving aggressively toward global business designs with deeply changing capabilities and increased flexibility. The gap between their capability to manage change and the challenge ahead is growing. CEOs expect fundamental change, but they seem uncertain about their organization’s ability to manage it. Business pressures are compounding as IT constraints are growing.

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