Artificial Intelligence (AI)

How Does AI and Machine Learning Fit Into Low Code/No Code and Process Automation Environments?

Gregg Rock interviews George Barlow in April 2022. 

We are especially excited to let folks know that George is going to be presenting two of our newest courses that are part of the Digital Transformation Specialist series in our Summer Session 1 Training Event.

GR: So, George, earlier in this interview, you mentioned Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and I still think there's confusion within the BPM Community or with folks that maybe have not started adopting those technologies yet. So, I was hoping you could help our Members sort through what it is they need to know, what role those technologies are going to play, and how do they learn a little bit more about the current state of the art.

Digital Transformation 101 - New Course

The has launched a new course—Digital Transformation 101

This is a foundation course, taught by Dr. Setrag Khoshafian, for those embarking upon cultural and digital transformation journeys leveraging Hyperautomation, No Code, AI, Process Mining, Design Thinking, IoT, and Blockchain with best practices and real-world examples.

Disruption, Hyperautomation, and Transformation - Part II

Check out Part I of this article!


Sooner or later, everyone will have Hyperautomation tools—the only question is, which ones?

Disruption, Hyperautomation, and Transformation - Part I

Some disruption is a normal part of any business operation. We just adjust. We collectively all just lived through a bad one—the Covid19 pandemic. We are now entering yet another new major disruption, and hopefully it will prove to be a good one. While this disruption has already started, its impact has not yet reached its projected level.

Meet the Author: Daniel Morris and Keith Leust, Business and Digital Transformation in the Age of Hyperautomation

Tune into this webcast as authors Dan Morris and Keith Leust discuss their new book, 'Business and Digital Transformation in the Age of Hyperautomation'. They will join Gregg Rock in discussing how the world of Hyperautomation is quickly changing and they will explore the impact of Hyperautomation on business and digital transformation.

Hyperautomation is a grouping of advanced application generation tool platforms that are changing every aspect of business, how companies interact with one another and their customers, and how they innovate. These technologies include iBPM, RPA, Ai, Natural Language Processing, IOT, cognitive computing, and more. 

Webcast Date: 
Wed, 06/09/2021 - 13:00

Intelligent Process Automation of Things (IPAoT)

Editors Note: DBizInstitute is excited to share this article, written by Dr. Setrag Khoshafian, with our community and in advance of his new book release. Keep an eye on our website as we share additional articles in the coming months written by Setrag, as well as a pending Meet the Author webcast to discuss his new book 'How to Alleviate Digital Transformation Debt’ expected to air Fall 2021. This article was originally published on on June 26, 2020. 

Top 5 Digital Trends for 2019

2019 is going to be a very different year than the past few years. 2017 was a "pedal to the metal" year where almost all were making forward momentum with digital. 2018 started strong, but there was a shift to "steady speed" over acceleration. Many economic experts are now predicting a slight dip in growth which means businesses will be hovering their foot above the brake pedal just in case the turmoil in the markets takes a sharp turn.  What does this mean for business investment in Digital? This blog will be my best shot at predicting the likely trends.

Mounting Pressure for Better Decisions

We are in a perfect storm for making great decisions and nothing less. There are converging forces that put a premium on better decisions in that organizations are being asked for more in a changing world. At the same time the number of assists that are available to boost better decision making are also emerging quickly. What are these forces and boosts to increase an organization's ability to make better at the minimum and great decisions at a maximum? The coming decision wars will be at the forefront of success going forward for organizations and individuals.

Forces Affecting Decisions:

Business Contexts Shifting Faster

No More AI Winters: Really !!

History teaches us that there were two large AI Winters in the past. One starting in the mid 1970s and another in the late 1980's There were very clear reasons for the last two AI Winters, but most of the technical and cost issues are gone. The wild card is how humans accept AI this time around. My bet is against another brutal winter. This does not mean there won't be cold snaps, but a 15-20 year freeze out doesn't seem likely now.

The First AI Winter:
It was caused by a couple of major factors. The first and foremost was the lack of computer power. The examples that were put forward were "toy" solutions that really did not appeal to the investors at all. This set off a period of infighting about Natural Language Processing (NLP) in the AI community which scared off the investors for a long time.

The Second AI Winter:

Big Data: A Lure For Businesses Today

Businesses from across the globe - both large enterprises and small and medium businesses - want to improve their operations and advance. This is where technology is crucial. Data science and analytics is changing the way we do marketing and has given us many new opportunities for profit, growth and so on. 

Big data analytics is enabling enterprises to do many tasks in real time and with ease. This rapid digitalization has given companies many new opportunities and choices. 

Global revenues in big data and business analytics has increased from $130 billion to more than $203 billion in the future. 

Big data science and analytics include statistics, math and many other mechanisms which enable companies to analyze data and get valuable information from it. The amount of data is increasing with each day. 

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