Resources in Operational Excellence (OPEX)

Our focus on Operational Excellence (OE) is on the alignment of strategies, processes, performers, measures, technologies and management to achieve and sustain outstanding levels of performance of the entire enterprise.

Our belief is that Operational Excellence is achievable only when an organization has defined the major elements that affect performance and aligned them (which often means redesigning them) to support strategies and goals.

Just as often the task of alignment also means ridding the organization of things (practices, policies, organization structures) that impede Operational Excellence.

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Which BPM Methodology is Best for Us?

The “M” is Missing in BPM

When a Good Design is Not Enough

Which is Best for Us? Top Down, Bottoms Up, or Middle Out

Process Excellence Success: More Art than Science

Process Improvement: How to start and the role of the 3-P's

Leading Process Change

Why Process Sounds Stupid

Standardization or Flexibility- Partners or Enemies?

SOA and Process Modelling

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