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Our focus on Operational Excellence (OE) is on the alignment of strategies, processes, performers, measures, technologies and management to achieve and sustain outstanding levels of performance of the entire enterprise.

Our belief is that Operational Excellence is achievable only when an organization has defined the major elements that affect performance and aligned them (which often means redesigning them) to support strategies and goals.

Just as often the task of alignment also means ridding the organization of things (practices, policies, organization structures) that impede Operational Excellence.

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Back To The Future: Lessons Learned From Past Futures

Time: 10:15 6-28-2005 This talk will present some of the key success/failure factors in past efforts at process improvement by automation and then discuss how these factors apply to implementing BPMS in today's organizations. We will explore the similarities and differences between the process automation of the past 25 years and why it is even more critical in the current business environment to recognize a new way of applying information systems to not just automate business processes, but more importantly to "informate" the work of the "processor" and the manager.

Business Innovation and Optimization - Tying Strategic Intent to Business Outcome

Time: 12:15 PM 6-28-2005 Business flexibility requires that companies be responsive...responsive to customers, suppliers, the market, and competitive threats. But how can you respond if you don't know where you are? And if you don't know where you are, how can you decide where you are going? Business Innovation and Optimization helps you not only to understand clearly the state of your business today, right now, but also to anticipate customer demand, competitor's moves, and market dynamics.

You Can't Implement Enterprise BPM Without An SOA

It takes much more than basic BPM functionality to implement an effective BPM solution. While business process modeling, automation and management are key capabilities; you also need application integration, B2B communications, portal, Business Activity Monitoring and Master Data Management functionality in order to create a framework that can fully support your BPM requirements.

Are You Ready For Extreme Competition? The Process Centric Culture

In the first webinar, we'll discuss that to be able to truly compete in the 21st century, organizations have to be able to react quickly to changing business conditions, be flexible in approaches to competition and manage resources effectively. This webinar will address how to create and manage the evolution of a process-centric culture within your organization that makes your business better suited to compete in today's world of extreme competition. Attendees will learn how best practices, centers of excellence and real execution sponsorship are becoming the critical success factors for the 21st century's industry leaders.
Are You Ready For Extreme Competition?

Business Performance Management Meets Business Process Management

Case Study: RFID and BI – “The Enterprise Approach”

Mr. Mancuso will address Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) integration within the DoD and its suppliers. RFID is part of the overall Data Strategy of the DoD and has major implications for the Department, its suppliers and the use of the information as part of the overall Business Intelligences strategy. The information in this session will benefit anyone or any corporation that is involved in an extended supply chain, transportation, distribution or asset visibility looking to leverage RFID as a technology and BI tool.

Build Compliance, Deliver Competitive Edge

Developed by BI Results, the “Variance-Response Compliance Framework” builds compliance and delivers competitive advantage. It incorporates into the IT infrastructure architecture, Compliance Objectives for IT (COBIT) guidelines blended with Six Sigma quality tools and Project management milestones. This strategic approach circumvents band-aids and spot-fixing, and adds value by optimizing data profile, quality, integration, meta-tagging, warehousing, analysis, and retention policies making the enterprise more agile and competitive.

Case Study: Business Intelligence in the Procurement Process

This case study analyzes the tangible and intangible issues regarding the business intelligence solution used to capture $46 Billion of spend in a global Fortune 500 manufacturing company. Learn why matching the business process to the solution created unexpected value and ROI. In addition, learn about an exciting new way to approach BI projects that will challenge current convention and delight your customers.

BI Thought Leaders Panel: Business and Technology Best Practices for Enabling Performance Management

Business Intelligence is a critical imperative for organizations to drive performance improvements. This panel of business intelligence experts will cover key BI topics and best practices including: applying BI in operations, enterprise reporting, dashboards and scorecards, end user adoption and BI standardization. In addition, expect lively discussion on BI market direction, user and server performance/scalability and technology innovation.

Building a Foundation for Performance Management Through Leveraging IT Investments

Competitive and profitable companies in the next decade will focus their business and IT investments on improving performance. BI is a critical component to provide an organization the information required to understand optimize, and align business. This keynote will provide a blueprint and a roadmap for addressing the business issues and leverage Business Intelligence to improve business and operational performance. The critical imperative to align business and IT to improve performance requires rigor and knowledge of best practices to ensure an optimal outcome.

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