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Our focus on Operational Excellence (OE) is on the alignment of strategies, processes, performers, measures, technologies and management to achieve and sustain outstanding levels of performance of the entire enterprise.

Our belief is that Operational Excellence is achievable only when an organization has defined the major elements that affect performance and aligned them (which often means redesigning them) to support strategies and goals.

Just as often the task of alignment also means ridding the organization of things (practices, policies, organization structures) that impede Operational Excellence.

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The Power of Process for Delivering Business Improvement

This presentation describes the power of process analysis and redesign in solving business problems and improving business performance. It gives specific cases in which the author was involved and describes what the issues were and how the team delivered specific business improvement. The presentation also identifies the value of performing root cause analysis for defining requirements for the to-be process. It goes beyond modeling techniques and illustrates how to address cultural issues and constraints found in most companies.

Achieving Dramatic Process Improvements

You can set yourself up to achieve dramatic results or you can die the slow death of inactivity. Learn how to get started and do a successful BPM project. We’ll cover key elements such as: the right sponsorship and improvement team, selecting analysis techniques for high impact, implementing quick wins and testing organizational receptivity, and evaluating different scenarios using BPM software simulations.

Process Mapping - Collaboration is Key

Relating Enterprise Strategy to Business Outcomes

At every level of government, officials have been increasingly challenged in recent years to continue improving upon the delivery of government services, even as their expertise heads out the door – with the climbing rate of baby-boomer retirements – and their budgets are heading south. It is in times like these that government decision makers need to point their enterprise strategy, with a steady aim, at achieving better business outcomes, or greater mission success. This presentation focuses on the value of applying effective performance measures, which allow cause and effect relationships between IT (and other) solutions and the basic business needs of government, to be more clearly understood and more successfully leveraged.

Reasons for Six Sigma Deployment Failures

Creating Momentum for Process Change

The Five Implementation Options to Manage the Risk in a New Process

How to Scale Your Process Documentation Initiative

  A 10 Point Checklist is a good place to start when scaling your process documentation initiative.  
  1. 30 minutes with your Executive Sponsor every week
  2. Dates and Deliverables Create Urgency
  3. Find the Right Documentation Tool - is yours up to the task?
  4. Build your Company’s Process Chart
  5. An Owner for Every Process
Download this white paper for items 6-10 and additional "how to" specifics for each item.

Taking the Process Map to the Next Level - The Visual Analysis Map

Performance Management - Measuring, Documenting and Demonstrating the value of BPM Projects

Measuring, documenting and demonstrating the value of BPM projects is the key to promoting its adoption across the organizations. Before committing their resources to BPM, executives want to know what business value, often in dollars, the ‘other’ project delivered. Presentation will cover the following topics: Importance of measuring, Identifying KPIs, stating objective in terms of KPIs, framework/workshop techniques to identity KPIs and documenting and demonstrating the value creation against them. An example of a financial process will be included.

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