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The BDM topical home page serves Practitioners with an interest in successful BDM approaches and how they complement BPM. This Business Decision Management section offers great variety in Business Process Management-Business Decision Management expertise, technology, and opinions. Like multiple generations peacefully co-existing, there are no biases, no judgments, no wrong answers. Instead, we share every tip, technique, opinion, and approach that really works.

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It's Time: Ditch your Business Rules

Achieving Organization Agility Using Decision Management

Business Decisions and Rules

Transforming the Enterprise: SOA + DM

What is Scope?

Making Processes Simpler, Smarter and More Agile with Decision Management

Identifying, automating and managing the decisions within a process are critical next steps for greater efficiency and effectiveness in organizations today. The focus of automation to date has been on efficiency gains from streamlined workflow, automated integration of information systems and managed worklists. Many largely automated processes remain over-reliant on human intervention at critical junctures. Others are burdened with legacy code or complex processes to handle decision making and are unnecessarily resistant to change as a result.

Increasing Business Analysis Maturity for Rules-Driven Business Process Management

With organizations giving high priority to maturing their business analysts' skills, it is necessary to reflect on the effectiveness of today's business analysis best practices when adopting Rules-Driven Business Process Management. Understanding how the adoption of business rules and BPM impact the business analyst role is critical to achieving the reduce cost and increased business agility promised by rules and BPM vendors.

Track Chair Keynote: Business Decision Management - The Future of Collaboration

Organizations wishing to embrace Business Decision Management often recognize its value but are not optimally positioned to realize the benefits. This often happens for two critical reasons – the inability of technical and business units to exchange information in an efficient manner, and a corporate organizational structure that hinders efficient cooperation and communication. Overcoming these obstacles will be critical to success and, ultimately, to realizing Enterprise 2.0.

BDM, Governance, and a Center of Excellence

So… How Are You Going To Do That?

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