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The BDM topical home page serves Practitioners with an interest in successful BDM approaches and how they complement BPM. This Business Decision Management section offers great variety in Business Process Management-Business Decision Management expertise, technology, and opinions. Like multiple generations peacefully co-existing, there are no biases, no judgments, no wrong answers. Instead, we share every tip, technique, opinion, and approach that really works.

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The Decision Model: Breaking Barriers in Real-World Projects

Software Tools for The Decision Model - Part 2

C2B 2.0 - Check Your Cheese Here...

Software Tools for The Decision Model - Part 1

Business Process Models, Business Rules and The Decision Model: How They Should Work Together

OMG Seeking Decision Model Notation Standard

The Decision Model Column - "MIT Industry Symposium on Information Quality, The Decision Model, and an IQ Framework"

The Hybrid SDLC

4 Keys to Unlocking Operational Performance

Manage the People or Manage the Process?

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