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The BDM topical home page serves Practitioners with an interest in successful BDM approaches and how they complement BPM. This Business Decision Management section offers great variety in Business Process Management-Business Decision Management expertise, technology, and opinions. Like multiple generations peacefully co-existing, there are no biases, no judgments, no wrong answers. Instead, we share every tip, technique, opinion, and approach that really works.

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The Five Most Important Differences Between The Decision Model and Business Rules Approaches

Smartening the System

Extending Your Business Rules with BPM

System (BRMS) understands the benefits of empowering knowledge workers to respond quickly to changing market dynamics.  Business Rules are a powerful tool for automating and optimizing decisions, and a critical part of an overall process improvement initiative.  Combining Business Rules or Decision Management with BPM extends the value of your existing investment.  Decisions are a part of every process and the decision services created to support other areas of your business can be re-used within the context of a running BPM process.   BPM can also be used enhance the quality of data required for decision services and provide visibility across decision services to ensure they align with organizational goals and objectives.

Extending the Life Expectancy of the World’s Pensions

Classifying Decision Model Structures

When Should You Automate a Business Decision?

The State of BDM

BDM and it's Progression as a Critical Skill Area Join Gregg Rock, Editor and Founder of and Larry Goldberg, Managing Partner of KPI, Inc. where they will guide you through the "State of BDM". In the first portion, Gregg provides an update on the "State of BDM" at, including content and membership updates, and educational opportunities. Then hear Larry provide a brilliant overview of BDM as a space and it’s progression as a critical skill area.

Business Analysis Certificate Program Features The Decision Model

Lessons from the Human Brain in Decision Making

Process Improvement: How to start and the role of the 3-P's

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