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The BDM topical home page serves Practitioners with an interest in successful BDM approaches and how they complement BPM. This Business Decision Management section offers great variety in Business Process Management-Business Decision Management expertise, technology, and opinions. Like multiple generations peacefully co-existing, there are no biases, no judgments, no wrong answers. Instead, we share every tip, technique, opinion, and approach that really works.

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The Role of Decision Modeling in Business Decision Management

State of Business Decision Management & Decision Modeling

Business Decision Management is an approach that allows you to take advantage of powerful technologies, particularly business rules management systems and predictive analytics. Applying decision management allows you to develop agile, analytic and adaptive systems that deliver significant business ROI. In this webcast, hear James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions and Editorial Director for Business Decision Management at, introduce Business Decision Management. He’ll outline key concepts and technologies describe the kinds of decisions to focus on, outline the value proposition for business rules management systems and introduce the new Decision Model and Notation standard and its role in developing decision models alongside your process models.

Decision Modeling with DMN

How to Build a Decision Requirements Model using the new Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard The Object Management Group has recently adopted the Decision Model and Notation as a beta standard. Here’s how you can use it to define your decision requirements. Why Model Decisions The goal of this paper is to describe the four iterative steps to complete a Decision Requirements Model using the forthcoming DMN standard. Before beginning, it is important to understand the value of defining decision requirements as part of your overall requirements process. Experience shows that there are three main reasons for doing so:

Critical Success Strategies for New Change Management Leaders

Business Rules: Going Old School with Expert Systems

Rules, Decisions and... Standards?

Why Johnny Still Can’t Write Rules

Expanding active decision-making: The power of integrating business rules and events

By easing the process of integrating business events into automated decision-making, JBoss Enterprise Business Rules Management System (BRMS) is helping organizations incorporate real-time awareness into their applications and implement the high levels of automation needed for today’s fast-paced business operations. With the many benefits of a budget-friendly open source software subscription, this powerful technology is more accessible than ever before. Using JBoss Enterprise BRMS, business analysts, developers, and system integrators can create and manage rules and events in a single product using a shared set of authoring tools. The result is a more agile, transparent, and competitive business. If in the past you have not found business rules technology sufficiently compelling for your company or projects, now is the time to take another look.

Is an open source business process and rules management solution right for you?

The availability of highly functional, open source business process management systems (BPMS) and business rules management systems (BRMS) are bringing the benefits of process automation technology within reach of many more companies and projects. If you are considering deploying business process or rules management but have been daunted by the cost, footprint, and complexity of proprietary solutions, an open source approach may be just what you are looking for.

The Strange Case of the People vs. Business Decision Management

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