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The BDM topical home page serves Practitioners with an interest in successful BDM approaches and how they complement BPM. This Business Decision Management section offers great variety in Business Process Management-Business Decision Management expertise, technology, and opinions. Like multiple generations peacefully co-existing, there are no biases, no judgments, no wrong answers. Instead, we share every tip, technique, opinion, and approach that really works.

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Field Notes: Decision Analysis and Process Analysis

What Skills are Needed for BPM Success?

Discovering Decisions in Your Business

Effectiveness: Making BPM relevant for CEOs/CFOs

The Consequences of BPM without BDM

What About Unstructured Processes?

First and Last: A Tale of Two Enterprises

Business Process Management and Business Decision Management: State of Play

While many, most, organizations know they need to focus on business processes, a matching focus on operational decisions is less common. The effective combination of Business Process Management (BPM) with Business Decision Management (BDM) is emerging as a critical element in successful organizations. The Intersection of Process and Decision
Business Process Management is well established in organizations of every size. Many, most, organizations identify, document, model, automate and manage their business processes. Many of these organizations have adopted a technology stack, a Business Process Management System, to support their BPM work. Despite the importance of operational decisions, most do not yet similarly manage business decisions. This is changing as more organizations adopt Business Decision Management as well as Business Process Management so they can work at the intersection.

Simplifying Complex Processes

Smarter Systems: Applying Decision Management

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