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Business Architecture is a holistic approach, representation and mindset which serves as a bridge between strategy and its successful execution within an organization and facilitates resolution of complex, enterprise problems.  It is a powerful way for the business to understand,...


Creating a Great Business Architecture Team

Business architecture team structure, composition and advancement is top of mind as organizations establish their own internal business architecture practices. In a previous article , we explored the structure of an effective business architecture team, with a focus on where business architects are...

Establishing a Business Architecture Practice: A Practical Approach

Once business architecture gains enough traction within an organization, it is important to formalize the practice. Having clarity of purpose, structure and intention for business architecture activities ensures that the team functions efficiently, is appropriately recognized, and can scale to meet...

Designing an Effective Business Architecture Team

As organizations set out to establish their own internal business architecture practices, some of the most frequently asked questions are about how to structure the business architecture team and role. These are indeed important considerations because the structure significantly contributes to both...

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