Sumeet Vij



We Might Clear the Fog Around SOA, but its Future is Still Cloudy

Despite the widespread hype and reams of articles in technical and business journals alike, one question that still causes consternation amongst customers and practitioners alike is, “What is Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)”? If compiled, the answers to this question would fill copious volumes...

Modeling a Net-Centric Department of Defense (DoD) Enterprise using BPMN 2.0

If a picture is a worth a thousand words, a standardized model is definitely worth multiple pages of a requirement specification. Business and IT have long used tabular descriptions, flowcharts and other means to capture and describe how their business processes are run, but if a modeling format...

Being Intelligent with SOA: Using SOA to Lay the Foundation of your Business Intelligence (BI) Initiatives

SOA purists might scoff at using SOA for integration [1], but for many enterprises, Service Oriented Integration (SOI) remains one of the prime motivations for embarking on the SOA journey. Agreed SOI by itself doesn’t achieve the avowed goals of agility or elimination of redundant IT...

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