Karen Tricomi



Win the Game with Metrics

I admit it; I waste hours a week playing video games. On my phone, laptop or tablet; on a train, bus or airplane; when I have time and when I don’t, I and millions like me find that the positive feedback from these games keeps us addicted. A silly banner pops up and says “Congratulations, you’...

Design with the End (User) In Mind

Introduction Stephen Covey advised us to “begin with the end in mind.” That would seem an obvious place to start whether we are designing a process, a product, or a software application. However, it’s surprising how many designs seem to have anyone but the end user in mind. In this piece we’ll take...

Change - Too Much of a Good Thing?

Agile. Continuous Improvement. The Virtuous Cycle. It’s true - change is necessary, and we all need to get better at adapting to change at an ever-more rapid pace. The increase in the pace of change in today’s world is exponential. No one wants to get stuck in analysis-paralysis while the...

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