Jamie Cooke



How to Work With Challenging Product Owners - Part 1

The "Big Picture Thinker" and the "Aspiring Developer" Every Agile team has experienced the frustration of working with a Product Owner who is very well intentioned but unable to provide the clear requirements that the team needs to build the most valuable business solution. This is the first of...

Turn Your Waterfall Experience into Successful Agile Delivery

Anyone who has worked on waterfall projects knows the challenges:  The lack of communication between the business users and the developers; the predetermined (and immovable) requirements; the quality issues that are not evident until you are too close to the release date to safely address them...

10 Steps to Becoming an Agile Business Analyst (Part 2)

10 proven approaches for transitioning from a traditional business analyst role to an Agile business analyst role (Part 2 of 2) The first 5 steps to becoming an Agile Business analyst were outlined in part 1 of this article. Now, part 2 of this article provides you with five more tips for becoming...

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