Jamie Cooke



How to Be Agile in a Non Agile Organization (Part 1):

Delivering Agile Projects within Structured Project, Process and Quality Management Frameworks The most important factor in successful Agile adoption (and expansion) is aligning it to the culture, standards and constraints of your organization.  Even the most effective Agile project work risks...

How to Work With Challenging Product Owners - Part 2

 The "Kid in a Candy Store" Product Owner and the "See Saw" Product Owner This is the second of two articles that address the specific challenges you may be facing in your work with Product Owners. The first article focused on two very different types of Product Owners: The "Big Picture...

How to Work With Challenging Product Owners - Part 1

The "Big Picture Thinker" and the "Aspiring Developer" Every Agile team has experienced the frustration of working with a Product Owner who is very well intentioned but unable to provide the clear requirements that the team needs to build the most valuable business solution. This is the first of...

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