Ian Gotts



Aren’t all businesses “digital”?

Aren’t all businesses “digital”? If they aren’t now, the winners certainly will be. “Virtually every firm in every industry is being shaken up by the digital revolution. No chief executive can ignore the onslaught of mobile computing, big data, artificial intelligence and the like. And while...

The Digitization Agenda

Digital Freedom The world has changed. Mobile devices combined with cloud apps have freed us from the traditional 9-5 commute to an office. “At work” is an activity and no longer a location or time in the day. This is explored in a recent article “Daddy are you still at work“. And that change has...

Low code apps: the future or nightmare

Low-code apps are maturing and being adopted in more and more corporations - often taken in by the business users.  IT often sees them as threat and a risk.  But they can help IT and make them able to be more reactive and supportive to the business users' needs. But, are they too much...

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