Glenn Smith



As-Is Modeling is Over-Rated

Most process design methodologies start by modeling the As-Is processes before proceeding to define the To-Be processes. In our experience, many projects spend more time than is necessary modeling the As-Is, when they should be working towards the future. Time and resources spent modeling the As-...

To improve your process modeling, you must measure it.

You can’t improve something which you cannot measure.  This is a basic tenet in six-sigma and many other process improvement methodologies.    Yet few organizations even consider trying to objectively measure any aspect of the quality of the process models which they implement at the...

How Do I Know This Is The Right Process?

If you have been involved in very many BPM projects you have inevitably seen some which progressed through the entire development lifecycle with no major warning signs only to fail when put into production.  They fail because the delivered system does not solve the problem which the business...

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