Gagan Saxena



Building Smart Processes with Analytics (via Decisions)

Decisions inject Analytics smartness into Processes, making the processes smarter.  Now that we have automated most routine processing using some programming logic and some basic rules, the next competitive frontier is making these processes adapt dynamically to changing conditions and...

Building the Modern Business Architecture, Decision by Decision

How your organization makes decisions drives the rest of the business environment - processes, events, data and the org-chart. A decision-centric view of Business Architecture is an essential organizing principle to deal with the data-driven, knowledge-based economy of the times. First, clarify the...

Leveraging Organizational Knowledge with Decision Modeling

Organizational decisions are not as effective because we have not been able to explicitly connect organizational Knowledge to decisions. Formal decision modeling helps deploy existing knowledge and highlights knowledge gaps that need to be filled. Knowledge is diffused across the organization How...

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