Robert Woods



The Single Best Measurement of Agile Success

…is not working software. Tell me if this sounds familiar. Organization A decides to adopt Agile methods and begin the lengthy and possibly (probably) expensive transformation process. In doing so they engage in lots of training, read books, attend conferences and listen to webinars. They engage a...

The Leadership Principle: Executive Impact on Agile

It’s not a secret anymore. I’m not sure it ever was a secret. There are many differentiators that can ultimately impact whether or not an organization succeeds or fails in their adoption\transformation with Agile. But, none are as impactful as that of leadership influence. We’re not just talking...

5 Questions to Ask Before Adopting Agile

Tell me if this sounds familiar… We have a mission critical project coming up and after putting together the requirements document we were told that the 2 years the project was going to take to complete is too long. But wait! I heard that Agile delivers projects in a much faster timeframe. All we...

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