Andrew Campbell



How to link process and organisation structure?

In the last twenty years we have become very good at mapping and improving processes; but we still have poorly structured organizations. Can we use our understanding of processes to improve organization design? A process exists to deliver a positive outcome to a customer or beneficiary. Sometimes...

Meet the Author: Andrew Campbell, Operating Model Canvas

The journey from strategy to operating success depends on creating an organization that can deliver the chosen strategy. This book, explaining the Operating Model Canvas, shows you how to do this. It teaches you how to define the main work processes, choose an organization structure, develop a high...

Two Tools that Help Link Processes with Strategy

When doing process work, attention is rightly drawn to the detail: the 43 steps in the process, the tests for waste, the flow bottlenecks, the measures of variation and so on. How, therefore, does a process expert keep connected to the strategy? How does he or she avoid optimising a process only...

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