Organizational Change Management

Change is the heart and soul of our business environments; making sure that the workforce is ready to meet the demands of the changing work place is fundamental to ongoing business success. Yet many business change initiatives struggle in achieving success and up to 70% fail for one key reason – a failure to recognize and manage the impact of the changes on their organization. Many organizations create and implement communication plans so why are so many still failing? This Organizational Change Management (OCM) course is designed for participants with an interest in learning different fundamental concepts of organizational change and want an opportunity to experience analyzing an organization’s requirements for developing and running a change management program. Through exercises, a case study framework and practical examples, participants will take away a clear understanding of the dynamics of organizational change, and a collection of practical models for their projects and organizational change toolkit.

Course Outline:

  • Business Architecture and BPM Foundations for Change
  • Fundamentals of organizational change management
  • Framework models and résistance factors
  • Holistic change management levers for planning
  • Managing a change program

Unique Value of Course:

  • A repeatable framework for Organizational Change Management
  • Real world case study to demonstrate the concepts
  • Hands-on exercises to reinforce the concepts
  • Instructors who have helped companies establish Organizational Change Management structures in their operations, and successfully executed Organizational Change Management programs


  • Using the knowledge gained, be able to contribute to effective change in your organization
  • Gain an understanding of OCM fundamentals
  • Gain an understanding of holistic OCM concepts, techniques and artifacts used during change management efforts
  • Articulate best practices in the structure and execution of a change management program
  • Gain a hands-on perspective in developing a change management approach

Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone involved in the planning, execution, or governance of business or technical initiatives
  • Anyone wanting to gain a better understanding of organizational change management concepts, strategies and methodologies
  • Anyone wanting to improve their personal effectiveness within a organizational change management program or center of excellence

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