Moving Up the BPM Maturity Curve

How can an organization evolve on the road to process management? That is the principle question that this course addresses. Many companies start their BPM journey by executing one or two projects of small scope. That may be fine at the outset, but in order to address the larger performance issues, companies need to move up the BPM maturity curve from repeatable to defined and then to managed and optimized. This course outlines the key leadership behaviors needed in this respect. It addresses questions such as:

• What critical performance measures need to be put in place?
• What level of process ownership is needed?
• When should a BPM Center of Excellence be considered?
• When should BPM Governance be implemented?

The course provides a roadmap for organizations to move up the BPM maturity curve. It precedes the course titled Advanced Process Management Principles – Key to Sustainability.

Course Outline:

  • The road to optimum BPM performance
  • How to assess your organization’s BPM maturity and level of competence
  • Defining end-to-end business processes
  • Measuring end-to-end business processes
  • Needed leadership behaviors
  • Identifying the high priority end-to-end processes needing improvement
  • Establishing a CoE
  • Establishing BPM governance
  • Sustaining gains from process improvements

Unique Value of Course:

A roadmap on how to move up the BPM maturity curve.


To provide participants with tools and methods to assess their organization’s process maturity and level of BPM competence and equip them with the means to move up the BPM maturity curve.

Who Should Attend:

Senior managers and executives from IT, Finance, HR and Operations

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