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Whether you are new to BPM or have been on a BPM team for years, you need a common language and foundation to collaborate with your peers and tackle projects effectively and efficiently.

We understand that you need the disciplines and methodologies to transform your organization and you want to know where you fit in and what your role will be.

Like so many people do, you can start out by using the widely-available, informal tools such as Visio or Excel or you can leap frog the rest and take formal training.

Make the right choice

In its tenth year, BPMInstitute.org is the leading provider of BPM training and certification and the only organization that can support you throughout your entire career.

Become a BPMP to prove you have mastered the disciplines and methodologies required to attain BPM success.

Only BPMInstitute.org can provide you with:

  • Business Process Management Professional (BPMP) Certificate
  • Individual Self-Assessment for BPM Practitioners
  • A diverse curriculum of training courses covering many topics, roles and disciplines
  • Course availability in-person, on-demand, live online and in-house
  • An extensive knowledge base of resources built over 10 years
  • Access to thousands of BPM practitioners
  • Complimentary certificates and certifications
    • Certified Business Process Management Professional
    • Business Architecture Professional (BAIPSM) Certificate
    • Service Oriented Architecture Professional (SOAIPSM) Certificate
    • Six Sigma Certifications (Green, Yellow and Black Belt)

Join the thousands of BPMPs and earn your certificate today.

The BPM Certificate

The BPM Certificate signifies that you have successfully completed formal training in the critical BPM Practices Areas. It is an eight-course, sixteen-credit program comprised of recommended core and elective courses. You choose the courses based on your discipline and role in the organization and use our Learning Paths as a guide to course selection.

Flexible course delivery

BPMInstitute.org is the only provider who can offer you the flexibility to take training how, when and where you want.

Flexible packages

Save a bundle on the eight course requirement. Choose between four packages. Each one gives you eight course credits and two years professional membership.

On Demand
Blended Learning
On Demand
On Demand and Live Online   Blended Learning   On Demand, Live Online and Face-to-Face
Cost: $3,995.00 Cost: $4,995.00   Cost: $5,995.00   Cost: $6,995.00

Complete your BPM Certificate 100% online. Choose from our most popular On Demand courses available 24/7/365 from your PC, phone or tablet.

Attend Live Online courses - they allow you to interact with instructors and fellow students. You may also choose to take On Demand courses.


The Blended Learning Certificate Package gives you the best of both worlds - four face-to-face courses and four eLearning courses.


Our most flexible package allows you to register for any delivery method you wish. Attend any of our face-to-face events as well as register for eLearning courses as it
fits your schedule.

Delivery methods:

  • On Demand

Delivery methods:

  • Live Online
  • On Demand

Delivery methods:

  • Face-to-Face
  • Live Online
  • On Demand

Delivery methods:

  • Face-to-Face
  • Live Online
  • On Demand

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All three packages include:

  • Eight course credits
  • Two years Professional Membership
  • Certificate upon completion


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BPM Training Curriculum

Practice Areas

The curriculum was developed around these critical Practice Areas all organizations will address in BPM projects.

  • Align Processes with Business Strategy
  • Discover and Model Processes
  • Analyze and Benchmark Processes
  • Harvest Policies and Rules
  • Continually Improve Processes
  • Re-engineer Processes
  • Manage Changing of a Culture
  • Governance—decision making
  • Deploy Technology


Training courses are organized in the seven Learning Paths by the roles within the organization.

  • Business Analyst
  • Business Process Analyst
  • Business Process Manager
  • Operational Excellence
  • Business Decision Analyst
  • Business Architect
  • IT Professional

Learning Paths

Use this helpful guide to select courses based on your role.

Learning Paths Course Selection Guide

BPM Skills Self-Assessment

Determine your strengths and weaknesses across six critical Practice Areas. Take the self-assessment.

Individual Skills Self-Assessment for BPM Practitioners


Here's what a few of our BPMP's have to say about our training:

I plan to take other electives even after certificate is attained!

Very good framework - really enjoyed it - would unequivocally recommend this course.

This was an excellent course that exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be able to use the information when I get back.

Provided very encompassing use-case to connect all the concepts presented!

This training gave me a bigger picture and the reference points I needed.

Overview from the multiple perspectives, especially management and governance; great examples.