Why Your Processes are Begging for Operational Decision Management

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Any organization that has successfully implemented some level of Business Process Management (BPM), whether a first project or extended program, can point to its many benefits, such as improved coordination, control and employee productivity. But these benefits can decrease over time due to issues such as process complexity and excessive manual activities, as well as difficulties in coordinating actions across processes.

Operational Decision Management (ODM) technology helps simplify processes and increase automation, as well as providing real-time responsiveness to actionable opportunities and risk situations.   ODM solutions enable intelligent decision automation to complement BPM and extend its business value, making processes more flexible and adaptive in response to evolving policy and market demands.

The combination of orchestrated business processes and the ability to independently change the decision points that control these processes is a “best of both worlds” approach for organizations that need to quickly and continuously improve process outcomes in areas such as customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and compliance.

In this session you will learn:

  • What is Operational Decision Management (hint: it’s the next generation of  business rules technology)
  • 6 signals that your processes could benefit from Operational Decision Management
  • Real-world examples of how processes have been improved through intelligent decision automation.

Featured Speaker:

Dan TortoriciBrett Stineman, Senior Product Marketing Manager, IBM
Brett Stineman is part of the IBM WebSphere Marketing team, leading a team focused on positioning and promotion of decision automation technologies. He has been involved over the past 13 years in Product Marketing and Management for a variety of enterprise software products, in areas such as business rules management, business process management, enterprise content management and content delivery networks.

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