Business is Changing, Can Your Applications Keep Up?

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Mobile, social and big data analytics are opening doors.
In most organizations applications fall far behind the business needs. The gap between what application can deliver and what business needs keeps widening as soon as you implement an application. How can you make sure that that your applications are always aligned with business needs?

New age technologies like mobile, social, big data analytics are opening doors for opportunities that were never possible before. Are your applications creating a hurdle in leveraging these technologies? Are you able to deliver the right experience to your customers? In this session we will discuss how Business Process Management (BPM) helps not only in reducing the gap between applications and business needs but also how it enables extending the applications with capabilities like social and mobile.

Ajay Khanna, Director Product Marketing, Oracle
Ajay Khanna is responsible for BPM Product Marketing at Oracle Corporation. Ajay has more than 15 years of technology experience in BPM, CRM and ERP systems. His past roles include consulting, engineering, software design, and product management. Prior to joining Oracle, he oversaw product marketing at KANA and Progress|Savvion BPM. He was instrumental in designing and developing business applications for Amdocs (Clarify) CRM. Ajay holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Santa Clara University and a Bachelors of Engineering from Thapar University.

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