How Agile is your Enterprise?

Only the most agile enterprise stands a chance in today's constantly-changing business environment. Many are struggling, even more are falling behind.'s BrainStorm Events give practitioners like you the knowledgebase and real-world skills to implement continuous process improvement with business process management. Every day more and more companies are adopting our approaches and proven methodologies for process improvement.

Make plans to join us at the next BrainStorm Event for an unbiased source of education and insight from the leading experts in the business process management field.

More than "Just Another" Conference

Other conferences treat education and training as a sidebar to be carried out in mini-lectures lasting an hour or less. Every business professional knows it’s hard to even get a decent lunch in an hour, let alone actionable training and education covering something as complex as business process management.

But the days of tradeshows and conferences are over. now holds educational events designed to give you the skills you need to improve your organization’s operational efficiency and advance your career, regardless of your current position – from business analyst to CEO.

Full-Day Immersion Training: Disciplines and Methodologies

Immerse yourself in the foundations of real-world process improvement. Learn to apply the underlying concepts and principles of proven disciplines and methodologies from the leading experts in the field.

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