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Building a Business Architecture

Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Business architecture provides the basis for turning business strategy into actionable results. Organizations use business architecture to address a wide variety of business scenarios. These include shifting to a customer-driven business model, merger / acquisition deployment, regional or global expansion, product line expansion, business / IT alignment and a host of other strategic and tactical scenarios.

This course delivers a comprehensive, industry proven approach to building business architecture. The examples and exercises presented in this course are drawn from real world case studies across a number of industries. The course emphasizes capability mapping and value stream mapping. In addition, the course provides an overview of organization mapping, information mapping, strategy mapping, product mapping and initiative mapping as well as a brief introduction to business architecture / IT architecture alignment. The course also includes approaches to business architecture team building, governance and infrastructure management.

Please note that this is a 2-Day course and counts as two courses towards your Business Architecture Certificate.

Course Outline:

I. Business Architecture: Introduction
This introductory module provides an overview of foundational and extended business architecture concepts, sample blueprints and usage scenarios based on an industry standard business architecture framework. This session also recaps business architecture definitions, uses, benefits and examples of how organizations use business architecture in practice.
II. Building the Business Architecture: Overview
This module overviews an approach to building business architecture blueprints based on concepts, principles, guidelines, techniques and workshop exercises.
III. Building the Capability Map
The capability map is a centerpiece of business architecture. This module introduces mapping concepts, principles, guidelines, techniques and exercises for building and evolving the capability map. Topics include cover getting started, map stratification, capability decomposition, definition creation, heat mapping and sample metrics. This module also introduces capability usage scenarios including an approach for communicating business challenges and business vision around capabilities.
IV. Building the Organization Map
Organization mapping provides a structural blueprint of a business and can include the enterprise or extend beyond the bounds of the enterprise based on the business model being mapped. The organization mapping module includes organization mapping principles, guidelines and exercises as well as incorporating capability mapping into the organization map.
V. Building the Information Map
This module introduces the importance of information mapping along with basic principles, principles and guidelines. It also provides guidance on how to align information mapping with the overall business architecture as well as definition derivation from the capability map.
VI. Building the Value Map
Value mapping is an essential aspect of business architecture. This module introduces value mapping concepts, principles, guidelines, techniques and exercises for building and evolving value streams. In addition, this module discusses usage scenarios, value stream / capability cross-mapping, and value stream usage in conjunction with business processes and case management. Finally, the module introduces alternative value mapping options including the value chain and value net.
VII. Extending the Business Architecture
The extended view of business architecture includes strategy mapping, initiative mapping, product mapping and stakeholder mapping. The approach maps various business concepts including objectives, initiatives, products and stakeholders to capabilities, value streams and business units. This module also includes an introduction to business architecture / IT architecture mapping.
VIII. Business Architecture Practice Essentials
Business architecture practice essentials addresses business architecture team deployment and governance; a walkthrough of a sample business architecture deployment roadmap; project engagement approaches; establishing the business architecture knowledgebase; and an overview of the role of tools in business architecture.
IX. Sample Business Architecture Usage Scenarios
The scenario module provides sample business situations and examples of how business architecture supports those situations. This section also includes scenario based exercises.
X. Getting Started with Business Architecture
The course wraps up with a getting started session. This session includes the seven steps to business architecture and a sample build out roadmap.

Unique Value of Course:

This course is based on practical, field-tested work at numerous businesses, including commercial and government sectors. It applies a standard approach that is outlined in the Business Architecture Guild, Business Architecture Body of Knowledge (BIZBOK™).


  • Gain an understanding of fundamental aspects of business architecture and how it can help address critical business challenges
  • Learn how to build capability maps, value maps, organization maps and information maps
  • Understand how to extend the business architecture into areas such as strategy mapping, product mapping, stakeholder mapping and initiative mapping
  • Learn industry accepted approaches for establishing and governing business architecture including how to setup and manage a team
  • Walk through various scenarios, case studies and exercises for deploying business architecture
  • Deliver a set of “getting started” guidelines for business architecture

Who Should Attend:

  • Business architects
  • Business analysts
  • Business managers and executives
  • Enterprise architects
  • Program and portfolio managers
  • Business strategists
  • IT architects and executives who need to engage with business architecture
  • Other specialists requiring a working knowledge of business architecture

Recommended Prior Courses:

BA 101

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