What type of Services do you have predominantly in your SOA Portfolio, are they more Data Access Services or Composite Services?

Posted by Sumeet Vij on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 - 08:10

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A Pragmatic approach to rolling out SOA is to provide Business Value early. A Data Services Layer provides a Unified, Standards based access to different data sources. I don't believe that SOA is an all or nothing approach as evidenced in this blog

http://apsblog.burtongroup.com/2008/12/soa-vs-soi.html Hence Integration using SOA is a great starting point. I highlight this in my article here at SOAInstitute.org



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Rohan Sharp
posted 6 years 43 weeks ago
I agree with the sentiment in the blog post - using services to implement integration is not SOA as such, but Service Oriented Integration. Having said that, I think you are right to suggest that building a data services layer is a great way to ensure one can more easily move from SOI to true SOA down the track. True and proper SOA, with the associated benefits, can only be achieved when the business buys into the story and drives the efforts. The identification of services etc must be driven from business process or business domain analysis. Until that buy in is achieved, there is no reason why IT can't begin the journey themselves. By building a suite of supporting services, in the form of data and other utility services, true business/enterprise services can be built at a later stage when or if the business comes on board. It's all about using the architectural practices that are defined by SOA to implement a best practice SOI - and support a move to SOA down the track. Also, it's all about IT not wasting their time and effort to define business/enterprise services by themselves. They should focus on what they have control over - data services that can be aligned to a standardised data model.

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