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Reminder: OP Virtual Group Meeting - Friday, April 15 - Meet The Author - Operational Leadership featuring Andrew Spanyi

If you haven't registered already, don't miss your opportunity to Meet The Author Online. Andrew Spanyi, Founder and Managing Director, Spanyi International, Inc.and author of Operational Leadership will talk about his new book and answer your questions. Customers are increasingly demanding higher...read more
Authored by: Carla Roddy |  Originally published on April 12 2011 | 0 total posts

Executive Sponsorship - How do you get it and what do they do?

Executive Sponsorship is so important, but organizations do it many different ways. What I find is that choosing the right sponsor, and being clear on what they do is critical. So how does your organization find sponsors at the process level and for the organization? And what critical value do...read more
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posted 4 years 41 weeks ago
I have found with my clients that there are three important things for sponsors to do: 1. Set the improvement targets for each of their BPM initiatives or projects 2. Select a strong project lead...read more
Authored by: Shelley Sweet |  Originally published on June 4 2010 | 2 total posts

Using BPM and Balanced Scorecard to Manage the Alignment of Enterprise Process Improvement Investments to Business Strategy

Improving enterprise processes should be done in the context of an organization’s business strategy. Demonstrating the strategic contribution these improvements make to the business can be done quantitatively by combining the BPM discipline with the Balanced Scorecard methodology. Has...read more
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posted 4 years 44 weeks ago
I have had quite a bit experience combining the BPM and BSC disciplines. It is far too easy to take on every BPM effort presented as opposed to ensuring processes truly support the direction the...read more
Authored by: Tom Dwyer |  Originally published on February 12 2010 | 8 total posts

What role should the Performance Architect play in an Enterprise Process Improvement project?

What should be the working relationship among the process owner, business architect, enterprise architect, performance architect and business process analyst? Has anyone used a performance architect either as an outside consultant or as a salaried employee? Is the performance architect role part of...read more
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posted 5 years 5 weeks ago
I want to build on what Tricia said. I think the Performance Architect needs to know about load and stress testing for the system, but equally important is to be able to help process owners and...read more
Authored by: Tom Dwyer |  Originally published on February 12 2010 | 3 total posts

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