Process Automation vs Orchestration

Posted by Troy Hughes on Tuesday, August 4, 2015 - 17:42

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Around my office we have an ongoing debate regarding the difference between process automation and orchestration. Is there a clear and commonly held understanding of the difference? Thoughts and/or resource pointers are appreciated!


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Karl Walter Kei...
posted 30 weeks 6 days ago
Big difference in medicine. You have a) remote devices that automatically collect data,
b) healthcare professionals that receive guidance or orchestration via background BPM best practice templates in respect of their services delivery to patients
c) rule sets at the Case level that provide governance. The analogy I use is a highway where the driver provides the orchestration but receives guidance from the center lines and guardrails on both sides provide governance. I suppose if the car is driverless, then we have automation in the highway example.
Jasmina Samardzija
posted 32 weeks 3 days ago
I would agree with @Andrew regarding the fairly interchangeable use of process automation and process orchestration. But, from a broader perspective, it might be that there is one difference... Assessing whether a process has automation potential or not would be part of process automation => if not, then the process can't be automated. On the other hand, in process orchestration, a process is ether already automated or its automation potential is > 0 This is just a thought...
Steve Kato
posted 52 weeks 3 hours ago
What do you mean by orchestration?
Andrew Spanyi
posted 1 year 1 week ago
Process automation and process orchestration are used fairly interchangeably. For example, SAP promotes that "SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration can help you save time and money by automating your business processes."

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