Goverance, Operating Model and a CoE - Business or IT?

Posted by Thaxton Mauzy on Monday, May 23, 2011 - 08:35

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If your organization has a Center-of-Excellence installed that is managing multiple Process Automation applications across different business processes, but all on top of one BPMS (like a Pega, Lombardi or Appian), are the development resources for applications part of your IT organization or your Business organization?

One of the primary drivers to a BPMS for us is that it will enable a significant improvement to our business agility...our goal is to actually have business users (Operations SMEs and perhaps the Process Owners) in the BPMS tool, building models and User Interfaces, then relying on IT only to build us "black box" integration components that we connect in to our processes...

Do you think this dream is too surreal, or have you seen it in action?


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Tom Dwyer
posted 5 years 38 weeks ago
This is a good goal but I have not seen any enterprise adopt this approach yet. In fact I have not seen too many organizations adopt a single BPMS for all ot its process-aware applications. Most organizations using a CoE are focusing on the front-end parts of the BPM discipline i.e. Process Discovery and Process Analysis before the back-end Process Implementation.
Mathew Newton
posted 6 years 29 weeks ago
Hi, I believe it comes back to the business maturity of the IT area and the technical maturity of the what I would call the operations area. If the IT structure includes a high business skllset including a Business Analysis area then a BPM group may fit into this structure. Similarly if you have an Operations group that provides key business system support with this group having a really strong business focus with reasonable technical sklls then I would see this as potentially the preferred location of the team. Please note the IT department would still potentially be involved at the infrastructure level.
Robert Wolfrum
posted 6 years 29 weeks ago
You have brought up what I have for the past decade called “The Challenge of IT Welding”. Integrations between IT Silos typically requires smart people that do development and all the inherent long-term pains related to that customization. Kinetic Task: brings some interesting things to the table.

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