Business Process Owner - Role description and Performance Targets

Posted by David Ross on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 - 05:26

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Hi there, I am new to the community, I work for AstraZeneca in the Pharma sector, and am part of our internal BPM network, a bold band of intrepid enthusiasts who are spreading the word around BPM.We have developed a BPM handbook to advise the AZ community on application of the philosophy and are now expanding this to cover more practical "How to" guidance. I am looking at creating some guidance around what a " Role Description" would be for a Business Process Owner and also what a "Set of objectives or targets" would be for a BPO. We have some internal role descriptors and objectives, but I thought it might be useful to reach out via the community to see if there is anything more generic? or even to get a feel for what other industries do? Many thanks in advance if you can help. David


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Vinka Rokavec
posted 1 year 31 weeks ago
Hello, another new person here :). I would also like to get some information regarding process owners. I work in banking and we are also trying to implement business owners. Currently we are working on pilot process for establishing a process owner. I would like the informations about owners role, where it is placed in the organization, what is his relation to BPM department and so on. We are giving the process owner the strategic role, not the operational one. We are planning that operational role stays in BPM department, to stay the support for process owners around the company.
Jutta Altenbach
posted 2 years 5 weeks ago
Hello, I am new here as well.
I saw your info and wonder if you got feedback to your posting in February.
I work for Novartis, in Pharma IT sector to support introduction of BPM and improve business IT collaboration.

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