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Posted by Pankaj Bilandani on Monday, March 23, 2015 - 16:30

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To advance my career I want to do this certification. Please advise how to achieve this certfication
.. from what institute.. how are exams given is it online ..how to book an exam
how to study for it.. what are the guides that i need.. where do find it....how long is the study duration..
share your experiences. and guide me as i am newbie to this


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Rebecca Elam
posted 12 weeks 10 hours ago
I am scheduled to take the BPM exam soon. Can someone who has taken the exam provide any study tips? I have a good understanding of the concepts and BPMN, but I am trying to determine if there is a lot of memorization required and where to focus that attention. Thank you in advance! :)
Kapil Sharma
posted 20 weeks 6 days ago
I want to do BPM certification. May I know the eligibility, cost and exam pattern?
BPM Administrator
posted 2 years 20 weeks ago
Hello Pankaj: Thank you for your recent post regarding BPM Training and Certification. The fact is, BPMInstitute provides a host of services and tools for BPM practitioners including training roadmaps, self-assessment tools, training, certificate and certification programs. Here's 3 recommendations to get you started: * Review a copy of our training roadmap/Learning Paths at the following: http://www.bpminstitute.org/learning-paths * Complete our BPM Self-Assessment to determine your current BPM skill level. There is no charge to take the self-assessment, which is located at: http://www.bpminstitute.org/certification/bpm-skills-assessment * Read the Forrester Wave Report for BPM Training and Certification Programs Key findings from a 17 page report on how to identify the right BPM training and certification partner for your organization. * View the webcast: http://bit.ly/16KjXwK * View the pdf: http://bit.ly/17RdzZe I hope that you'll find this information helpful, feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions.

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