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Drawing Subprocess Boundary Interrputing Messages in BPMN

Hello, I am new to BPMN & have a few questions regarding a interrupting message event attached to a subprocess boundary, which I'd be grateful for advice on please. The sequence flow for the interrupting message should complete & join the subprocess at the point it left. Firstly, is it...read more
Authored by: Ann Singer |  Originally published on October 11 2017 | 0 total posts

Business Process Management Consulting - Recommendations

Good morning! We are a beverage manufacturing company experiencing an incredible growth trajectory. We recognize that a possible hindrance to maintaining this trajectory are our outdated processes. We are looking to build our capability in house and are looking for a consultant (with a view to...read more
Authored by: Catriona Wiley |  Originally published on August 22 2017 | 0 total posts

BPM Webcasts/Podcasts

Are there any good BPM or related (process excellence, BPA) webcasts/podcasts you'd recommend?read more
Authored by: Kimberly Nelson |  Originally published on August 12 2017 | 0 total posts

Need for leadership in standing up a BRMS into our Organization

My Organization recently purchased a BRMS that has a lot of potential for rule automation, form creation and task management. One of our key priorities is finding the right business leader to bring in to assist in building the business infrastructure so that the business can begin to leverage the...read more
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posted 2 days 17 hours ago
The following definition of BRMS from Wikipedia: "A BRMS or business rule management system is a software system used to define, deploy, execute, monitor and maintain the variety and complexity of...read more
Authored by: Matt High |  Originally published on July 21 2017 | 0 total posts

How Should the output of a BPM Excercise look like ?

Team, We have recently initiated a BPM section under Organization Development department. Now that we are in initial phase of establishment, we have decided to pilot with one of our Departments. I would like to know how should the output of the exercise should look like ? what are the outcomes we...read more
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posted 47 weeks 4 days ago
Alignment with the value chainread more
Authored by: Mohammed Siddique |  Originally published on December 3 2016 | 3 total posts

Business Process Service Architecture

I would like to share an article about a new architectual style for a Business Process Service in a Microservice Architecture. The “Business Process Service Architecture – BPSA“ is an architectural style which can be used to design a business process running in a microservice architecture, even...read more
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posted 51 weeks 3 days ago
Thank you for the provided information. I skipped this theme in college so your blog posts are really helpful.read more
Authored by: Ralph Soika |  Originally published on September 29 2016 | 1 total posts

BPM Department within a large organization?

Has anyone come across a stand-alone BPM department / function / manager within large companies and specifically oil and gas companies? If so, where does it sit within the organization i.e. under CFO, Corporate Planning department, Group Audit etc. or spread across all departments and what is the...read more
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posted 2 years 17 weeks ago
I've observed that it's often in a shared services organization. See Deloitte's report - where they mention that "companies such as BP, Shell, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble and Oracle ..." have...read more
Authored by: Edward Willing |  Originally published on August 14 2015 | 8 total posts

Process Automation vs Orchestration

Around my office we have an ongoing debate regarding the difference between process automation and orchestration. Is there a clear and commonly held understanding of the difference? Thoughts and/or resource pointers are appreciated!read more
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posted 2 years 17 weeks ago
Process automation and process orchestration are used fairly interchangeably. For example, SAP promotes that "SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration can help you save time and money by automating your...read more
Authored by: Troy Hughes |  Originally published on August 4 2015 | 7 total posts

BPM Salary Survey

 We just announced the BPM Salary Survey. It will provide you with in-depth statistics on compensation, role, responsibilities and job satisfaction. And unlike other generic surveys, this survey has been tailored to the circumstances in which BPM professionals work. We'll publish the results...read more
most recent post
posted 2 years 5 weeks ago
Thank you to the 500+ individuals who participated in our BPM Salary Survey. The results are in: http://www.bpminstitute.org/resources/white-papers/2015-business-process... Let us know what you...read more
Authored by: BPM Administrator |  Originally published on June 23 2015 | 2 total posts

BPM Certification

Hi To advance my career I want to do this certification. Please advise how to achieve this certfication .. from what institute.. how are exams given is it online ..how to book an exam how to study for it.. what are the guides that i need.. where do find it....how long is the study duration.. share...read more
most recent post
posted 2 years 23 weeks ago
Hello Pankaj: Thank you for your recent post regarding BPM Training and Certification. The fact is, BPMInstitute provides a host of services and tools for BPM practitioners including training...read more
Authored by: Pankaj Bilandani |  Originally published on March 23 2015 | 3 total posts

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