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Mark Barnett
posted 1 year 18 weeks ago

Thanks for this interesting

Thanks for this interesting article, David. I was in the situation you described when working as part of a startup team for a new financial services product a little over five years ago. Looking back, I can say we followed your approach rather closely. We started by asking ourselves what capabilities we had to have, and relationships we had to establish, in high-level terms, to deliver the intended service from initial customer interest through completion of service delivery and any post-delivery follow-up activities. This business model / value-stream / capabilities view allowed us to further define the process and detail out how we could deliver the capabilities - starting simple - the MVP approach you describe, and then scaling up and adding business functionality and complexity from there. It set requirements for the systems that would be needed, so we could plan the startup's initial technology strategy. Using a lean startup mindset helps a team be ready to flex and pivot as will undoubtedly be needed when reality begins to intrude on the new enterprise and its people, processes and systems, and their outcomes as experienced by customers. And as we all know... anything can be made better. But knowing at any time what to focus on and what not to focus on is one of the keys to success.


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