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Our focus on Organization Performance (OP) will be on the alignment of strategies, processes, performers, measures, technologies and management to achieve and sustain outstanding levels of performance of the entire enterprise.

Our belief is that organizational performance is achievable only when an organization has defined the major elements that affect performance and aligned them (which often means redesigning them) to support strategies and goals.

Just as often the task of alignment also means ridding the organization of things (practices, policies, organization structures) that impede organizational performance.

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Process Powered E-Gov: Does Your Government Agency Grok Process?

The 21st century mandate for business is Do More With Less. The 21st century imperative for business is Business Process Management (BPM). The 21st century mandate for government  is Do More With Less. The 21st century imperative for government is Government Process Management (GPM). E-Gov does not mean putting scores of government forms on the Internet. It is about using technology to its fullest to provide services, and that’s where process-powered E-Gov comes in. In this keynote you’ll learn who invented the Internet—and the paper clip—as we explore how today’s constituents demand “my government, on my terms,” and how agencies can support citizen-centered, customer-focused government.

BPM for Compliance to Reduce Risk, Time, and Cost

Most organizations have now had a taste of what's involved in complying with regulatory mandates, whether for HIPAA or for SOX section 404, and they are realizing a better, more cost effective way of managing these initiatives is needed. Learn how companies can implement a compliance management approach that:

Business Intelligence Trends and Directions for 2004 and Beyond

Business Intelligence has matured to provide organizations a platform and a tools suite for IT to enable users to access and deliver timely and relevant information. The shift in the market to fully integrate the breadth of enterprise reporting, analytics, dashboards and other capabilities has created new opportunity and misperceptions on the reality on the trends in the BI market. Contributing cultural, technological and business factors that are driving or inhibiting the market will be presented.

Case Study: Supporting Enterprise Level Decision Making at HP

Examine how post-merger HP has begun to resolve its Enterprise BI challenges. Deborah Poindexter will explain how HP was able to bring focus to the difficult task of designing a centralized BI integration layer with Enterprise Standard Dimensions, a critical part of this design, becoming the one true source for dimensional data. She will describe the business triggers, pitfalls, and innovations encountered during the process.

Getting Started in BPM

Business Performance Management Meets Business Process Management

Business Process Lifecycle Management with Savvion BusinessManager

Savvion’s award winning Business Process Management system, Savvion BusinessManager™, enables organizations to automate and manage critical business processes by integrating the people and systems that execute those processes. From supply-chain to service management, help desk and employee self-service applications, Savvion’s unique lifecycle approach to process enables business and IT to collaborative to deploy process improvement initiatives in less than 90 days while delivering a 200% – 300% return on investment.

Performance Measurement: Correcting Measurement Myopia

Beyond Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance: The Benefits of BPM for Compliance

Forward-looking organizations realize that BPM-based SOX compliance solutions will not only meet their initial regulatory needs, but also provide the long-term framework for strategic risk management and process control. Creating compliance "Inside" business process controls enables an organization to go beyond documenting and evaluating SOX controls to actually remediating deficient controls and enforcing them within their business processes.

Managing Processes for Performance: Applying Performance Management to your Business Processes

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